1971 - 1972

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Fire Support Bases

Fire Support Base (FSB) or Landing Zone (LZ) as they were called earlier in the Vietnam War were where we would rest between patrols. Most patrols lasted from 12 to 15 days out in the jungle looking for the enemy or his activities. We would then spend 3 or 4 days on a FSB. The larger FSB's would have 105 or 155 mm howitzers, mortar platoon, command & control bunker, mess hall, medical aid station and other supporting resources. The FSB's were set up to support the maneuvering companies out in the jungle, other FSB's and recon by fire on suspected enemy location's. It was truly amazing how fast and accurate those guy's were with there howitzers and mortars.

Our rest period would include pulling guard duty 24 hrs a day. Each infantry man would pull a 1 or 2 hour stint in one of the guard bunkers rotating among all of our enlisted men in the company. The 1st Cavalry FSB's were built in the form of a triangle with a combination sleeping and guard bunker on each corner. There was an M-60 machine gun, claymore mines, starlight night vision spotting scope and a radio in each of the guard bunkers. There also was a shooting range where we would shoot up our old ammunition and make sure our weapons were in good working order.

Then there was latrine duty. When the cut off 55 gallon barrel became full of human waste we would add fuel oil and a little gas to burn the waste up. THIS DID NOT SMELL GOOD. There also was garbage detail. We would pick up the trash barrels on a mule (small motorized cart) and transport it outside the fire base perimeter and dump it into a large pit where it was later burned.

Tripod Shower on Jeffries Tripod Shower on Melanie While on the FSB we would receive mail and any packages from back home. A good cold pop or beer was had by spinning it on a block of ice when we could get our hands on one. We could also take a well deserved shower. This consisted of a tripod with a canvas bucket that had a shower head attached to it. You would stand on a wooden pallet to keep out of the mud. No privacy but it sure felt good. A trip to the barber and medical aid station were usually a necessity. The jungle was not kind to our bodies as in BIG BUGS, man eating ants, leeches and plants that had an attitude. Our feet also took a real beating during the rainy season.

Some of the FSB locations for the 2/8,2/5,1/7, and 1/12 Battalions of 1st Cavalry Division during 1971 - 1972

FSB Aimee - YS 278 956

Bien Hoa Army Base - YT 014 144

FSB Billy - YT 780 150

FSB Blackhorse - YT 627 111

FSB Bunker Hill - YT 122 222

FSB Charger / Drinnon - YT 153 288

FSB Crossed Sabers - YT 549 058

FSB Eldred - YS 540 970

FSB Ennis
YS 278 956
SP4 James Lester Ennis   KIA 02/10/1972

FSB Duster - YT 130 117

FSB Fanning - YS 759 987
CPT Martin Vincent Fanning  KIA 04/24/1971

FSB Fidlers Green / Spudis - XT 943 268

FSB Flinders - YS 526 889

FSB Fontaine - ?
Most likely south of Ap Rung La also S of QL 1

FSB Gibralter - YT 253 280

FSB Grunt II - YT 025 173

FSB Hall - YS 628 998

CPL Joseph Lindsay Hall   KIA 04/20/1971

FSB Jeffries - YS 875 994
WO1 Gabriel Augus Jeffries, Jr.  KIA 04/24/1971

FSB Katie - YT 125 495

Long Binh - YT 051 111

Long Thanh North - YS 151 984

FSB Mace - YT 626 112

FSB Makowski - YS 752 991
PFC William John Makowski   KIA 10/21/1971

FSB Melanie - YT 229 048

Bridge on the road to Melanie
YT 208 038

FSB Michelle - YT 285 098

FSB Nancy - YT 562 381

FSB Peggy - YT 859 333

FSB Richie - YT 723 328

FSB Rock - YT 487 351

FSB Sherman - YT 218 375

FSB Silver - YT 828 042

FSB Tiger - YS 650 912

FSB Wishart - YT 577 186

FSB Tasman - YS 632 861

Fire Support Bases Opened and Closed Dates

The folowing list was prvided by Don "SGT Snuffy" Smith
Recon 1/52nd Infantry
1st Cav 1968-69
& 23rd ID (Americal) 1970-71


1st Cav grids ORLL - HQ 1st Cav Div - 12 Nov 1970

Firebase/LZ, etc - Grid Coordinates

Camp Hazard - XT078840

FSB Atkinson

FSB Audie
Established 27 Feb 1970 - Closed 25 Mar 1970

FSB Beverly - XT330900

FSB Blanchard

FSB Blackhawk - YU243194

FSB Burkett - XT552846

FSB Buttons - YU140070

FSB Candy
Established 25 Feb 1970 - Reopened 25 Mar 1970

FSB Carolyn

FSB Chi Lang

FSB Dien Hong

FSB Django
Closed 25 Feb 1970

FSB Elaine - YU595180
Opened 15 Feb 1970

FSB Flashner

FSB Frances - XT573758

FSB Hannas - XT031718

FSB Hung Vuong

FSB Illingsworth - XT033788

FSB Jamie - XT482715

FSB Jay - XT039750

FSB Jewel

FSB Joan
Closed 23 Feb 1970

FSB Judie

FSB Kramer FSB Le Loi - YU253294

FSB Loan
Established 26 Feb 1970 - Closed 25 Mar 1970

FSB Lolita - YU370270
Established 23-25 Feb 1970

FSB Margaret - YU270240

FSB Marisa - YU454222

FSB Nguyen Trai - YU369261

FSB Phi Ma - XU700113

FSB Rob - YT262916

FSB South I - XT515905

FSB South II - XT531900

FSB Snuffy - YU336362

FSB St. Barbara - XT276670

FSB Tina

FSB Wood - XT049801

Mustang Trail

Jolley Road - YU450250

Saigon River Corridor

Serges Jungle Highway

Tay Ninh Base Camp - XT177520

FSB Anna XU688520 1/92nd Artillery - Cambodia
Opened 7 Jun 1970 - Closed 24 Jun 1970

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